HWD – Hot Water Division

Water heating is a heat transfer process that uses an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Typical domestic uses of hot water include cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating. In industry, hot water and water heated to steam have many uses.

Energen Hybrid Systems has been in the field of Hot Water Generation Systems for over 30 years now and we, Flow Dynamics India are the authorised dealer for the Western Region. Our high quality, high performing integrated systems are driven by the client’s requirement, are solution oriented with a variety of options, flexibility and ease of installation.

Some powerful synergies can be gained by combining heat pump technology with solar thermal collectors and storage (a hybrid solution). Our hybrid system products use a range of technologies to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. Aesthetic design and numerous quality certificates make our range of collectors and systems UNIQUE. Each product series is manufactured targeting the highest efficiency for practically any size of installation, from industrial sized projects, apartments and hotels to schools, villas and smaller residential schemes. Clever design enables all of our products to integrate easily with existing heating systems.

Our systems are designed based upon the daily load, differential temperature required, peak load, time between peaks, area available for collectors, storage tanks, heat pumps and other typical site conditions and requirements. Our solar hybrid systems are a combination of twin coiled enamelled storage tanks (suitable storage devise), high efficiency EHS P collectors, high efficiency heat pumps, close circuit circulation systems, pump station with solar controller, heat pump controllers and interconnecting plumbing.

Why choose Us for Hot Water Generation Systems?
  • We can design, supply, install and maintain the most appropriate type of system to match the client needs and budget
  • All our designed systems are dynamically modular and infinitely expandable to meet changing project needs
  • Our hot water storage tanks are made from tough durable steel with a vitreous enamel lining to meet even India's harshest water quality
  • Our systems are manufactured with a twin coil indirect heat exchanger that has been specifically designed for hybrid heat pump/solar applications
  • In all our designed systems the storage cylinders, heat pumps, collectors and pumps are all protected by the indirect heat exchanger against scaling and corrosion which is most common cause for system failure
  • In our systems the heat exchanger fluid passes inside of the coils and not outside making for a more efficient heat transfer
  • We can provide round the clock support and we are only a phone call away to offer local online support
  • We are wise enough to be flexible in design and large enough to manage even the largest of the installations
  • Our designed bulk domestic hot water storage ensures that the load requirement is met under extreme peak simultaneous demand (PSD) conditions without any heat exchanger limitations to consider